Home → collections → prostate cancer a pioneer in prostate cancer surgery q&a walsh of hopkins developed technique to spare nerves q&a april 27, 2007 | by jonathan bor | jonathan bor,sun reporter for many years, prostate cancer surgery was feared because it almost always resulted in loss of sexual function and urinary control. 200 mgs viagra That began to change 25 years ago yesterday, when dr. Patrick walsh of the johns hopkins school of medicine tried out a new technique designed to spare the nerves that control these functions. Since then, nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy has become a standard in urology. viagra for women herald sun What made it possible was walsh's observation that the nerves that maintain sexual function and urinary continence run alongside the prostate - not through it as doctors had thought. Armed with this knowledge, walsh then developed a technique that removed the prostate while leaving the nerves intact. buy cheap generic viagra This week, hopkins celebrated the 25th anniversary of the first nerve-sparing operation with a symposium that included remarks by walsh and his first patient, robert hastings of fort myers, fla. Hastings, now 78, spent an anxious year after the operation, worrying whether he'd ever regain function. cheapviagraforsaleusaonline.accountant When he did, he said in an interview, "i wasn't so surprised as i was through and through elated. online generic viagra " his cancer has not returned. http://buyviagraonlinediscountcoupons.accountant Recently, the sun asked walsh, 70, to reflect on the first operation and its significance in the years that followed. Do you have any idea how many of the nerve-sparing operations you've performed? viagra tadalafil 5 mg I know exactly how many. order viagra online uk I've got four this week, so it will be 3,977. And i know that in june, i'm going to do my 4,000th. Let's go back to your first. Once you figured out where the nerves were located and designed the operation accordingly, how confident were you that the operation would work as planned? viagra for sale Shortly after [discovering the nerves], i removed the bladder and the prostate from a man who had bladder cancer. I had never heard of anyone being potent after that operation. stay up viagra youtube I used the technique, and he woke up and 10 days post-op he had normal erections. I knew from that experience that that anatomy made sense, but i did not know what the [overall] timetable of recovery would be - if he'd be normal immediately or whether it would take time. When i operated. stay up viagra youtube